Countering Lame Excuses from Lame ISPs

  1. Situation: You are getting lower than the promised speed from your Internet connection.
    1. ISP: “Everything is okay sir, would you kindly check now?”
      1. Customer: “It may be okay now, but it was NOT okay when I complained. Can you kindly check explain why my service was NOT okay at that time?” Good to note that you, the customer, pay your ISP equally for “now” and “then”.
    2. ISP: “We are sorry but your connection is a shared one; That’s the max you can expect to get.”
      1. Customer: “Please instruct your marketing department to label the service/package to exactly what I am supposed to get.”
  2. Situation: Except some popular sites, rest of Internet destinations are slow. You are getting not even half of your promised speed from random sites.
    1. ISP: Sir, your connection is okay. Please load several YouTube videos simultaneously and measure your speed. You will get full capacity of your promised speed.
      1. Customer: I am sorry but my subscription is for “Internet” connection. You are mistaking it with “YouTube” connection.
    2. ISP: Sir, it’s a problem from our upstream (i.e. BTCL). We cannot say when it will be solved. Or, it will take no less than 2 weeks.
      1. Customer: I am dealing with you, not with your “upstream”. That’s your responsibility to keep your upstream serving properly; Not mine.

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